Margie King, owner of Royal Pet Sitters has been caring for animals her entire life. Raised in the Los Angeles area since 1952, she was always rushing home from school to care for her dogs, cats, ducks, geese, rabbits and her two chickens.

Margie has been married to Tom King since 1975.  They both share the love of animals and their well being. Together they have rescued many dogs that have been thrown on the side of the freeway off ramps or in front of storefronts, and street sewers. Tom has rescued many feral and abandoned kittens and cats from various situations, too. Tom King is a retired police detective.  Tom does overnight care when required for Royal Pet Sitting. 

After her three children grew up,  Margie was a subsititue teacher for the Rowland Unified School District and Covina Unified School District for over 10 years. Through out those years, Margie and Tom were owners of adopted dogs, and cats from the humane society or rescued as strays. They were also owners for several years of six rescued rabbits, two geese and a flock of pet hens.  They are currently owners of an African Gray Parrot named Charlie, three rescued dogs, Petey, Teddy, and Toto.  The oldest,Toto is 14 years plus.  She is blind, diabetic, deaf and has other ailments. Despite her many ailments, she is still thriving due to the love, care and compassion Margie gives her.  Margie will give that level of love and care to your pet too.  Margie's goal is to give exceptional service with passion to every pet, so you can have a worry free, stress free time away from your pet.